【Announcement】 2024 International Festival

2024-April-17  International Student Puppetry Workshop
Time: 9:00~16:00
Location: Administration Building 507, Jiangong Campus
2024-April-26  Mazu Pilgrimage Cultural Camp
Time: Two full days
Location: Beigang
2024-May-15  Dragon and Lion Dance Experience Camp
Time: 1 full day
Location: Jiangong Campus
2024-May-29   NKUST Study Abroad 2024 
Time: 11:00~16:00
Location: Library, Jiangong Campus
Event Details:
. Go Overseas - WHY/ WHERE/ HOW to Study Abroad
. Book Exhibition - Guide to Studying Abroad
. Overseas Partner Schools - Features/ On-Site Consultation
. NKUST International Exchange Programs - Experience Sharing Workshops
. Cultural Encounters - Meet foreign exchange students in NKUST
2024-May-29  2024 International Cultural Festival
Time: 16:30~18:30
Location: Coffee Plaza, Jiangong Campus
Event Details:
* International Student Puppetry Performance
* International Student Dragon and Lion Dance Performance
* International Booth Challenge with Free Food Exchange
2024-June-08~10  2024 Kaohsiung Dragon Boat Competition
Location: Love River

Welcome to join us !!!