Short-Term Visiting

In 2015, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan launched a new program titled “Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)” to welcome students to join different universities and colleges in Taiwan for short term professional internship. Qualified international students are welcome to apply for TEEP Fellowship. You can experience not only in-depth education in Taiwan but also connect with the Asian job market through TEEP-gateway.

Please contact the director of the project to get further information. The recipient of TEEP will receive scholars or other subsidies. 

More information please visit the program professors below or visit TEEP official website:

*Notice: The recipients of TEEP is not allowed to do other jobs or be paid for work which is not related to the plan during the TEEP project.


Project Director
Title of the Project
Project Information

Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Yi-Li Lin

Water Treatment, Renewable Energy

Green Technology and Sustainable Energy Laboratory (GTSE) welcomes students interested in doing internship at National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. Research topics include water treatment technology for emerging contaminants using nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and forward osmosis membrane filtration systems, membrane modification and fabrication skills, and renewable energy harvesting from waste biomass and sludge. Our aim is to help you explore your potential while experiencing cultural and classroom atmosphere and seeking higher studies in Taiwan.

4-6 months

Starting dates are flexible.

Professor Tim Chen

International Youth Agro-Env Watch (IYAW) Program in Southeast Asia region

We intend to initiate an International Youth Agro-Env Watch (IYAW) Program in Southeast Asia region, and are looking for your participation in the near future. and needs to fulfill some tasks if joins in. (1) Tasks need to be fulfilled including (a) taking short-term lessons in Chinese/English conversion, Agriculture and Environment protection, and value-added agricultural technologies, (b) studying an assigned special topic in group, and (c) practicing veggie planting, and (d) participating in the IYAW group as a member.

4-6 months

Phone:+886-7-601-1000 ext.32327

Potential expenditures when you come including (but not limited to): living costs (room and food, around 6-8,000 NTD/month), lecture fees (less than 5,000 NTD in total), and transportation fee (including airfare, bus, etc.).

Prof. Mengshan Lee

Life Cycle Assessment, GIS, Remote Sensing

The Sustainable Environment and Resource Research Lab (SERR) invites prospective students to join our research group through internship. The SERR group is dedicated to researches in the area of environmental management and planning, including but not limited to, life cycle assessment of resources and engineering practices, spatial analysis of environmental components and development and optimization of resources. Our group is also currently exploring the applications of remote sensing for environmental monitoring. This internship opportunity is open to prospective students with background in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science or Geoinformatics Engineering. During the internship, the students will be encouraged to participate in research projects and to present your work at international conferences, with aims to prepare the students with academic experiences for future studies (e.g. Master or PhD degrees).

(short-term or long-term for maximum 12 months)

Cellphone: 0978823807

Please refer to the Google Scholar profile of the PI ( for recent publications of our group. Ps: Any idea for pursuing a new research project during your internship is also welcomed.