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College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Department of Electronic Engineering (Jiangong Campus)     



Two-Years Bachelor Program of Engineering Management and Electronic Engineering Technology






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Springsemester application starts (2year bachelor program)


Oct 15, 2020


Springsemester application deadline


Nov 22, 2020


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Dec1-15, 2020


Letter of Admission mail out


Dec15-20, 2020


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(2021Spring) Application Requirements and Admission Quotas for International Degree Students


NKUST Online Application System for International Students


招生簡章Admissions Guide


Applicant Qualification

1.      A person of foreign nationality who has never held Republic of China (“R.O.C.”) nationality and who does not have overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application is permitted to apply for admission to an educational institution, in accordance with these regulations.

2.      A person of foreign nationality who meets the following requirements and who in the immediate past has resided overseas continuously for at least six years is also permitted to apply for admission to an educational institution, in accordance with these Regulations. However, a person who plans to apply to study in a university department of medicine, dentistry, or Chinese medicine must have resided overseas continuously for at least eight years.

(1)       A person who at the time of their application holds dual R.O.C. nationality shall have never had household registration in Taiwan.

(2)       A person who before the time of their application held dual R.O.C. nationality but no longer does at the time of their application shall have renounced their R.O.C. nationality with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior on a date at least eight full years before making their application.

(3)       The persons referred to in the preceding two subparagraphs must have never previously undertaken studies in Taiwan as an overseas Chinese student nor have accepted a placement by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students in the current academic year.

3.      A foreign national who was selected by a foreign government, organization, or school to study in Taiwan in accordance with the Education Cooperation Framework Agreement, and who has never had household registration in Taiwan may be given exemption from the restrictions set out in the preceding two paragraphs if the competent education administrative authority gives approval.

l   The periods of six years and eight years stipulated in Paragraph 2 shall be calculated using the starting date of the semester (February 1, or August 1) as the end date of the period.

l   The term “overseas” used in Paragraph 2 refers to countries or regions other than the Mainland Area, Hong Kong, and Macau; the term “reside overseas continuously” means that an international student has stayed in Taiwan for no more than a total of 120 days in each calendar year. When calculating the number of consecutive years spent overseas, if the initial or final year of the period is not a complete calendar year, any time spent in Taiwan in the initial or final year must not exceed 120 days.

4.          However, time that a person has spent in Taiwan is not subject to this restriction and it is not counted when calculating how long they were in Taiwan in a particular year if the person has documentary proof that they:

(1)       attended an overseas youth training course organized by the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council or a technical professional training program accredited by the Ministry of Education;

(2)       spent a total period of less than two years undertaking Chinese language classes at a Chinese language center at a university or tertiary college which has Ministry of Education approval to recruit students overseas;

(3)       spent a total period of less than two years in Taiwan as an exchange student; or

(4)       spent a total period of less than two years undertaking an internship that they came to Taiwan to undertake with the approval of the designated central competent authority;
A person who held both foreign and R.O.C. nationalities and applied for annulment of their R.O.C. nationality before the date of effect of the February 1, 2011 amendment to these Regulations may apply for admission as an international student in accordance with the provisions in place before the amendment and is not subject to the restrictions set out in Paragraph 2.

An international student who submits any certificate or document as part of their application for admission to an educational institution that is found to be forged, fabricated, or that has been altered in some way shall have their enrollment eligibility revoked. If the student has already registered and begun classes, their registration as a current student shall be cancelled and they will not be awarded any certification whatsoever regarding their related academic undertakings. If any such circumstances are first discovered after a student has already graduated, the educational institution shall revoke the former student’s eligibility to graduate and shall require any degree already awarded to be returned and shall rescind it.


一、    具外國國籍且未曾具有中華民國國籍,於申請時並不具僑生資格者,得依本校外國學生入學作業要點規定申請入學。海外六年以上者,亦得依本辦法規定申請入學。但擬就讀大學醫學、牙醫或中醫學系者,其連續居留年限為八年以上:

1.       申請時兼具中華民國國籍者,應自始未曾在臺設有戶籍。
2.       申請前曾兼具中華民國國籍,於申請時已不具中華民國國籍者,應自內政部許可喪失中華民國國籍之日起至申請時已滿八年。
3.       前二款均未曾以僑生身分在臺就學,且未於當學年度經海外聯合招生委員會分發。
二、    依教育合作協議,由外國政府、機構或學校遴薦來臺就學之外國國民,其自始未曾在臺設有戶籍者,經主管教育行政機關核准,得不受前二項規定之限制。
三、    第一項所定六年、八年,以擬入學當學期起始日期(二月一日或八月一日)為終日計算之。
四、    第二項所稱海外,指大陸地區、香港及澳門以外之國家或地區;所稱連續居留,指外國學生每曆年在國內停留期間未逾一百二十日。連續居留海外採計期間之起迄年度非屬完整曆年者,以各該年度之採計期間內在國內停留期間未逾一百二十日予以認定。但符合下列情形之一且具相關證明文件者,不在此限;其在國內停留期間,不併入海外居留期間計算:
1.          就讀僑務主管機關舉辦之海外青年技術訓練班或教育部(以下簡稱本部)認定之技術訓練專班。
2.          就讀本部核准得招收外國學生之各大專校院華語文中心,合計未滿二年。
3.          交換學生,其交換期間合計未滿二年。
4.          經中央目的事業主管機關許可來臺實習,實習期間合計未滿二年。
五、    具外國國籍並兼具中華民國國籍,且於本辦法中華民國一百年二月一日修正施行前已提出申請喪失中華民國國籍者,得依原規定申請入學,不受第二項規定之限制。


Application Documents

l  There is no application fee for international students. However, applicants are required to submit the completed application before Nov 22th, 2020. Late submissions will not be considered for fall semester 2020 admission. All of the following items should be submitted at the same time via NKUST Online Application System for International Students.

(1)     One completed application form

(2)     Certificate of Nationality (passport, residence certificate or birth certificate).

(3)     Academic credentials:

A.     Academic credentials from Mainland China: The regulations governing the accreditation of schools in Mainland China shall apply.

B.     Academic credentials from Hong Kong or Macao: Academic credential verification and accreditation methods adopted in Hong Kong or Macao shall apply.

C.     Academic credentials from other areas:

(a) Photocopied certificate of current highest-level diploma and original transcript (A copy of Chinese or English translation shall be submitted if in a language other than Chinese or English) must be authenticated by the ROC embassy, consulate office, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in which the applicant resides (Refer to Note 4).

(b) Applicants who are graduating students without the proper diploma certificates at the time of application should provide upon enrollment the official diploma certificates for verification. Applicants should provide high school diploma for undergraduate studies, bachelor’s degree diploma for graduate studies, and master’s degree diploma for doctoral studies.

(c) Once admitted, students must provide original copies of diploma certificates for review upon registration.

(d) Translation of certified copies of diploma certificates MUST be authenticated by the school from which students graduated and by the ROC embassy, consulate office, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in which the student resides.


“ROC representative offices abroad” refers to ROC embassies, consulates, representative offices, trade offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROC

D.     One Official Transcripts

(a) This must be authenticated by the school/college/university from which students graduated and by the ROC embassy, consulate office, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in which the student resides. In addition, the transcript must bear the official seal of the institute issuing the transcript.

(b) Applicants for Ph.D. programs should include undergraduate course transcripts.

E.      The applicant must show documented evidence that sufficient funds to cover all tuition, fees and living expenses are available for the first year of their studies at NKUST, by one of the following means:

(a) A photocopy of scholarship award notification, or

(b) An official bank statement is required and should be issued in English/Chinese (dated within the last 3 months). In the case the bank statement is not issued in the name of the applicant, a signed declaration must be provided from the sponsor. In the declaration it should clearly state the sponsor’s relationship with the applicant and commitment to cover the applicant’s all expenses in Taiwan.

F.       The Certificate of Nationality Renouncement of Republic of China is required for applicants who have once held Republic of China citizenship. The date of renouncement must be longer than 8 years prior to school start date.

G.     At least one letter of Recommendation.

H.     Certificate of English proficiency.

I.        Certificate of Mandarin proficiency.(Optional)

J.        Other materials required by specific departments/institutes.

* Incomplete application packets will not be considered.

International students applying for the Spring Semester of 2021 shall prepare the required documents and refer to the updated MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan posted on the website of the Ministry of Education. For more information, please visit MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwanhttp://english.moe.gov.tw/content.asp?CuItem=7996&mp=1















(一)   歷年成績單須經畢業學校所在地之中華民國駐外館處驗證並加蓋認證章戳,或由原修業學校密封逕寄本校。

(二)   申請博士班者,需加繳大學歷年成績單。


(一)   獎學金核發證明(獎學金核發證明為臺灣政府或其他政府核發之全額獎學金證明,不包含高科大獎學金證明)。

(二)   存款證明:非獎學金獲獎者請檢附入學前三個月內核發之銀行存款證明。若存款證明非申請者本人帳戶,需附上資助者親筆聲明書,敘明與申請者之關係並保證負擔申請者在臺留學所有費用。





十一、  各系所規定之其他文件。


十二、  *上述資料不齊全者,恕不受理申請*

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