【IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for monthly stipend issued date】

【IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for monthly stipend issued date】


✅ 【About Regulation】

According to the regulation of NKUST scholarship XI (4), The scholarship qualification will be suspended the month after a recipient’s enrollment status changes, such as suspension, expulsion, dropping out or expelled from school.


✅  【About Change】

In order to prevent students from withdrawing or transferring after receiving the monthly scholarship, then resulting in the situation of overpayment, the monthly scholarship will be issued in the next month of each month from September, 2022.


For example: the monthly stipend of September will be transferred at early of October, and the monthly stipend of October will be transferred at the early of November.


✅ 【Friendly Reminder】

Since the monthly stipend of September will be issued in October this year, no money will be transferred to your account in September. Please save money when you get the monthly stipend in these months! So that you can provide yourself money in September gap.



【Other reminders】

Furthermore, according to the regulation of NKUST scholarship X, remember to submit the monthly evaluation form to OIA before 10th per month for letting us know your status in Taiwan.  For example, submit the evaluation form of March before April 10th .


Again, The Monthly stipend is only a little part of your living allowance, not the mainly source. It is recommended that you prepare enough money to support your living and study needs in Taiwan. Don’t squeeze your life too tight!






✅ 【法規依據】


✅  【相關改變】




✅  【溫馨提醒】







同樣,每月津貼只是您生活津貼的一小部分,而不是主要來源。 建議您準備足夠的資金來支持您在台灣的生活和學習需求。 不要把你的生活擠得太緊!