【For International Students】For students who applied suspension, Study at Ease Project, plan to appl


This survey is suitable for students who applied suspension, Study at Ease Project, plan to apply Withdrawal, plan to come to Taiwan at Spring semester, 2022


【安心就學未來台學生For Students who Study at Ease Project last semester】


Link: https://forms.gle/g8YyomS4cowMysot5


【申請復學、休學或退學學生Students who plan to apply Resumption of Schooling, Suspension or Withdrawal】


Dear students, please remember to apply for resumption of schooling or suspension before February 10th or your student status will be suspended from school.



For students who plan to apply for resumption of schooling, suspension or withdraw from school, please complete this form before February 10th. 



2.復學單下載:Download Resumption of Schooling Application Form




3.休學、退學單下載:Download Suspension/Withdrawal Application Form



4. 如要申請簽證,可以下載復學通知辦理。

If you are going to apply for visa, you can take the notification of resumption of schooling for application.








【Regulation of quarantine】

Students are required to stay in quarantine hotel for 22 days. Students couldn’t back to your apartment or dormitory on-campus during 7 days of self-management.

*** All students who come back to Taiwan will need to do quarantine in hotel for 22 days. Students need to pay the fee by you (1500-2000NT dollars/day)

***The Public Health Center will arrange another COVID 19-test on the 13th day upon your entry to Taiwan. You will need to pay the fee by yourself.

(If the policy will change in this summer, we will post on Facebook and line group. Please follow the latest news.)