【ANNOUNCEMENT】 110-2 NKUST Scholarship Application for current students

Open for applications:Jan. 7 ~ Jan.17 (17:00)

【110-2 NKUST Scholarship Application for current students】

Please read this announcement thoroughly!


Application steps:

To apply for 110-2 semester scholarship, please follow the instructions:

1.Enter the online application system: https://reurl.cc/Opqx8X

The account ID is your student ID, and the password will be the last four digits of your ARC or passport number (same as student portal system)

2.Fill in all your information and choose the scholarship regulations.

(If you are no sure about your regulation, please refer to the Excel on google drive below:https://reurl.cc/bkR1g3)

3.Print out the application form at the second page, sign your name and get your professor signature, then scan and upload it to the system.

4.Upload all the required documents.

5.Make sure you upload all the required documents then press the button “Preview and Submit”.


Addition attention:

1.Please submit the application form and all required documents before January 17th (17:00), 2022. Overdueapplications will not be accepted.

2.Because the final exam ended at January 15th, if you can‘t get the transcript before January 17th, please upload the over year transcript before 109-2, and then re-upload your Chinese version over years transcript which include 110-1 in the replenishment period. Please upload all documents and submit your application form before January 17th, those who have not submitted the application form are not eligible for replenishment.

3.110-1 freshman do not need to apply, your scholarship recipient period is 2021/9-2022/8, you will need to apply it around July, 2022.


Notes for Ph.D students uploading papers:

1.Proof of paper presented at an international conference: please upload your published paper or acceptance letter, and proof of conferenc attendance.

2.Proof of Paper accepted for publication or published in an international journal: please upload your published paper or acceptance letter, which should be included paper topic, First/Corresponding Author, publish/acceptance date) 

3.If you want to upload more than 2 papers, we strongly suggest you to make a paper list and upload it to other columns. (please see example: https://reurl.cc/nEnYRl)

***The review committee has limited time, please upload clear and complete information!