[Come to take abundant prizes away!] Welcome students to fill out the course evaluation survey of 2

 [Come to take abundant prizes away!]
Welcome students to fill out the course evaluation survey of 2021 fall semester online!
1. In order to have better understanding of students’ feedback of teachers’ instructions and enhance the communication among teachers and students, the course evaluation survey of the school opens to receive responses now. The school warmly welcome students to fill out the course evaluation survey online.
2. For those who fill out the course evaluation survey for every course that has been registered in the 2021 fall semester, students will receive benefits as follows.
a. Being available to search for uploaded grades of taken courses in the semester much earlier starting from the final exam week (2022/01/10).
b. Being able to join the lucky draw activity which contains prizes like iPad, bonus money and much more. The date and method of doing lucky draw activity will be announced until further notice.
3. Ways to fill out the course evaluation survey
a. Duration: 110/12/13 (Mon.) to 111/01/15 (Sat.)
b. Login path: link for the course evaluation system (https://ceq.nkust.edu.tw/Home/StdIndex)
*Please login with the student ID as username and passwords which are the same as entering the school affairs platform. If encountering unsuccessful login, please contact Computer and Network Center in NKUST (ext.13134).
c. Please refer to attachment 1 for the user guide of the course evaluation system.
4. Notices
a. As the course evaluation survey gathers anonymous feedback, students can respond without stress.
b. Please finish filling out each survey at the appointed time and click “finish” to send the response. The status of course evaluation survey being sent will represent as “done” that applications like cancellation or write off are unacceptable.
c. While the prizes of lucky draws will mainly be objects and bonus money, the organizer keeps the right to replace the original prize to other products with equal value. The prize winners cannot ask for changing the substitutes or redeeming the prize for cash. According to the regulations, prize winners as national students will have to include the amount of bonus money in individual income while foreign students have to pay the specific amount of tax for bonus money.
d. If the survey contents contain verbal abuses, vulgar words or personal attacks, the contents will be deleted.
Teaching Services Section in Office of Academic Affairs, NKUST
Contact person: Ms. Xie (ext. 31128) e-mail:anitin@nkust.edu.tw